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Signature Premium Unisex T - Zero Negativity Running (new in!)
Signature Premium Unisex T - Zero Negativity Running (new in!)

Signature Premium Unisex T - Zero Negativity Running (new in!)

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A fantastic high quality designer t-shirt for those looking to support a more environmental approach to their runner attire.

Perfect for training in or relaxing après run.


  • Premium 190gsm 100% Organic Cotton
  • 2,457 litres of water saved compared to conventional cotton - enough to sustain 3 people for a full year
  • 7kg of CO2 emissions saved
  • Enough energy saved to keep a 60w bulb lit for 33 hours
  • Free UK delivery

    Zero Negativity's principles are exactly what it says on the tin - to avoid having a negative impact at any stage of our business. In fact, we want to create positive impacts and opportunity wherever we can. This ranges from the way our garments are manufactured, the fact we only use sustainable materials, and the inks we use to decorate clothing, to giving opportunities to student designers, supporting causes we believe in (mental health, climate change, LGBT rights to name a few), and using only plastic-free packaging.

    Our logo explains everything about us - the circle representing our commitment to recycling and reusing materials wherever we can, the earth being a symbol of our mission to reduce the negative impact clothing production has on the world, and the elephant representing our hometown of Bolton and our carbon-neutral partner factory in India where the majority of our garments are produced.

    Sustainable Materials

    All of our products are certified as being made from organic cotton, recycled plastic, or a blend of the two. These have a drastically lower carbon footprint than conventional cotton or virgin polyester. We use only water-based, solvent-free, plastic-free inks and heat transfers for garment decoration - even the transfer backings are made of PET, which is all recycled! Any tags attached to garments are made of recycled card, attached by recycled string, and the invoice in every box is made of recycled paper.